A random sampling of clips and writing:
Side Hustle (infographic, The Guardian, February 2016)
Side Gigging: Turn Your Passion Into a Business (The Guardian, October 2015)
How Improv Will Help Improve Your Career (And Life) (USA Today, July 2015)
Delta Causes More Headaches with Skymiles Changes (USA Today, July 2015)
6 Packing Hacks That Let You Travel Light (USA Today, July 2015)
24 Hours in Chicago (Qatar Airways magazine, Feb 2015)
Report: All 24 Cosby Accusers Delusional, Conspiratorial Liars (Glossy News humor website, Jan 2015)
The L Train: An Elevated Architectural Tour of Chicago (Love This City for Mastercard, Jan 2015)
What Being in a House Fire Taught Me About Renters Insurance (eSurance, Aug 2013)
Slow Umbria (BBC Travel, Oct 2011)
California’s Wine Country Without the Wine (Lonely Planet website, Oct 2011)
Vacation vs Traveling (Gogobot, Nov 2010)
Andy Griffith’s TV Utopia is Real (Salt Lake Tribune, Feb 2009)
Book Review: Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Democrat Companion (Independent Weekly, Oct 2004)
Any Human to Another: Sebastiao Salgado (Independent Weekly, Feb 2004)
Book Review: Third Eye Open (Independent Weekly, Oct 2003)
Book Review: The Murdering of My Years (Independent Weekly, Mar 2003)

* Contains the phrase ‘dynamic-pricing hamsters’.