Developmental Editing

Do I need to hire a developmental editor? Are you writing a book or a this-will-change-my-life-if-written-well essay? Do you need expert but loving feedback that will not only bring out your voice but teach you lessons that will make you a better writer for the rest of your life?

I’ve been editing, coaching and consulting for over 20 years. I’ve co-authored or contributed to 36 books and am now writing my own book (Suitcase to Mars; due 2019) about finding your voice.


  • Travel, culture, adventure
  • Humor, memoir, first-person voice
  • Non-fiction: history, science, psychology, journalism
  • Philosophy, spirituality
  • Personal essays, statements of purpose, arts fellowship applications, medical residency essays (including non-native English speakers)

I can edit almost any type of non-fiction, including fairly technical science and technology. I’ve edited far less fiction, but I can help you find your characters’ voice.

Why Hire Alex I’ve got a master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley, where I studied copyediting. I’ve taught Finding Your Voice workshops and classes since 2006 in the United States, Australia, Germany, the UK, Morocco, and China (and on an adventure cruise ship to Alaska), and have worked with hundreds of students, private clients, interns and employees, helping them find their voice. I moved to Chicago for a year to study comedy, improv and memoir at The Second City, where I found my voice performing standup.

Method I’ve developed a unique and unconventional method to help writers and non-writers not only find their unique voice, but develop the passion needed to express themselves through writing. I don’t teach writing as much as how to get rid of the barriers that hold us back from writing.

Cost The entry-level package for a book is two rounds of developmental feedback on three chapters (up to 60 pages) for $950. This feedback is offered within the chapters themselves (in the ‘Track Changes’ feature) and as an overall memo. An entire book starts at $3000 for one round of developmental edits and voice feedback. An essay starts at $600 for two rounds and includes a final round of line edits.

Testimonials Read what writers, clients and students have to say about my methodology.