Writing and Creative Professionals Coaching

My superpower is to help you quiet your inner critic and find your voice through the written word or your creative pursuit.

As a writing instructor, editorial director and creative professionals coach and group leader for the past 15+ years, I’ve worked with hundreds of writers, startups, students, artists, entrepreneurs, interns, corporations, physicians, scientists, small business owners, and everyone in between.

I’ve created a proprietary methodology that combines techniques from Improv, social and cognitive psychology, and Quantified Self to create personalized, structured steps for each individual client. In fact, I’m now creating a workbook based on my methodology, called Suitcase to Mars.

[Writing is easy.] You just sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.

-Red Smith

My Methodology Unlike many coaches, I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. I tailor each session to my individual clients, which have ranged from storytelling elementary school children to entrepreneurs creating their personal brand. I don’t teach writing as much as I teach how to get rid of the barriers that hold you back from writing. I teach writing in a children’s workshop and a juvenile psychiatric facility, and I use the same gentle methodology with my adult clients that I do with my younger students.

What a Typical Session Looks Like At our first session, tell me your goal and your obstacles — the tangible (three kids, full-time job) and intangible (high school English teacher told me I was a terrible writer). We will go slower than you ever thought possible, and create a solid foundation that combines your passion for writing or creative pursuits with the courage needed to express your unique voice. I will give you the most fun homework assignments imaginable after each session. (For example, I’ve assigned tango classes, drawing your characters, planting roses, writing in your journal, and taking a week off from having expectations.)

Why Alex I’ve had enough tangible and intangible obstacles myself to understand the gamut of my clients’ barriers. At the same time, I’ve also co-authored over 30 books with Lonely Planet (and one with the co-founder of The Onion); written for The Guardian, USA Today, and many others; managed hundreds of writers for Lonely Planet and Gogobot.com; and taught in situ writing and creativity classes in the UK, Morocco, Germany, and the US. I’ve been coaching individual clients since 2001, leading creative professionals groups since 2004, and teaching since 2005. I volunteer at a children’s writing studio and a juvenile psychiatric hospital teaching kids to find their voice. Please look through my testimonials for examples. Watch videos of my coaching clients on The Guardian’s Side Hustle project.

Contact and Rates Contact me at alex (at) suitcasetomars (dot) com to enquire about writing coaching. My rates are $200 for one appointment a month, $150 for two appointments per month, $125 for three or more appointments per month. All additional editing, proofreading, developmental editing, etc is $75 an hour or a mutually agreed upon fee (i.e., $2000 for a dev edit on a memoir or novel). Appointments are 50 minutes. I work with up to four needs-based creative clients per calendar year for a substantial discount; contact me to inquire.