Writing Coaching

You know how, when you read certain things — could be a poem or an article or even an advertisement — it just makes you feel comforted? Like the writer intuitively gets you or is speaking directly to you? You know what I mean, Karen?

This is the kind of writing I do, and it’s the type of writing and communicating I help others do through teaching, consulting and coaching. My aim is to see you exactly where you are, help you find your voice, and then give you the confidence to share that voice in a way that invites your readers in.

Why Alex I’ve done this with hundreds of writers, startups, artists, entrepreneurs, corporations, physicians, scientists, small business owners, and everyone in between. I’ve created a proprietary methodology that combines techniques from Improv, social psychology and Quantified Self to create personalized, structured steps for each individual client. I’m now writing a book of the methodology, called Suitcase to Mars.

Contact and Rates Contact me at alex (at) suitcasetomars (dot) com to enquire about writing coaching. Rates start at $150 per session (one hour plus up to three pages of developmental editing) or $500 per month for ongoing coaching and developmental editing. If you or your organization is strapped for cash, still contact me, as I choose two clients per year to work with pro bono.

Is writing coaching like life coaching? Fuck no. You’re just fine the way you are. My writing coaching is a bit like gelato. You know how, like, hazelnut gelato tastes exactly like hazelnuts, but somehow better? That’s exactly what I want to do with your voice. We’ll find your voice, smooth it out, add some sugar and cream, and make it even better than you could have imagined.