Alex has an incisive mind that cuts through the static.

She has gently but powerfully nudged me in the direction of clarity and purpose.

Roz Savage, MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire)

Guinness World Record Holder, first woman to row solo across three oceans

I was privileged enough to take part in one of Alex’s inspiring writing courses in 2014. Her ‘Finding Your Voice’ exercises completely changed the way I view my professional writing style and has resulted in me receiving more paid work and opportunities with high-profile clients than ever before. Her knowledge and passion for her art form is enormous and her teaching ability is remarkable. I can honestly credit this improvement in my new career to my time spent learning under Alex and could not value her expertise highly enough.

Jarryd Salem

Travel writer and blogger, Nomadasaurus.com

Alex is an outrageous and brilliant coach and consultant, and she made my work a lot of fun, too. She’s quick and to the point and called me out when necessary. Her coaching was invaluable to me in my business. I thought I knew what to do and she intuitively asked the right questions and found my weak points and helped me strengthen them. I always hated homework and I looked forward to hers, that’s how good she is. Since everything is psychologically intertwined, I needed a shaman thrown in there too, and Alex came through! I give her the highest recommendation and I am really picky.

Laurie Stern

Botanical Perfumer, Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

An excitement and love of writing comes across with every expert tip Alex shares. Listening and learning from her experiences with Lonely Planet and as a writer gave me the motivation to kick start my own career, something I’ll always be grateful for. Ask questions and expect answers filled with encouragement, insight and loads of first hand knowledge. Alex knows and loves writing, it’s evident from the minute she greets you.

Lisa Michele Burns

Professional Photographer, www.lisamicheleburns.com

Alex has helped us consider the impact of our pricing and payments models, and how they can support our brand and loyalty from our users as our business grows. She has always been very thoughtful and insightful in helping us communicate with and delight our partners and users.
Borna S.

Borna S.

CEO, Agile Diagnosis

Being a foreign medical graduate, I had absolutely no idea how the USA interview process worked. For two years, I didn’t match into any residency program. Then, Alex helped me. She interviewed me and had me edit my personal statements drafts again and again, until they became perfect — and represented the real me. Our mock interview preparation taught me how to focus my answers in order to convey my most important points. This application season I matched, to my first choice! I could not believe it!

I will highly recommend Alex, as she is not only a highly trained professional, but one of the most positive people I have ever met! Thank you, Alex again. I will never forget this experience!

Eva C

Medical resident, Eastern Carolina University

When I had a coaching dilemma or question, Alex always made me make a list. And then she usually made me rank the list, on a scale of 1-10. It sounds so simple, but I would have never made those lists without her prompting … talking through the list did a ton to help me clarify what I wanted/needed.

Liz Enochs

Former president, Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California chapter

Alex was a great pleasure to work with. She took me, a novice writer with no publications to my name, and made my blogging and writing crisp and compelling. She was hands-on and detailed, while allowing me the freedom to find my own style. I am a stronger and more confident writer because of my experience with her.

Jim Doherty

ESADE Business School, Winner, Lonely Planet Bluelist Writing Competition

Working with Alex helped my writing career tremendously! During my MFA thesis, Alex sincerely and with much knowledge gave support during the writing and creation of my first novella. It was such an accomplishment; but not only did I write a novella with Alex’s help, I also shared fond and enriching moments on creativity and the writing process with her!

Kimberly Kim

Content writer, Tutor

Alex is the best of the best! Her writing advice is invaluable!

Nadia Gavrilova


Alex helped me put into focus exactly what my goals were — both personally and professionally — and was very no-nonsense about hammering out some short- and long-term objectives to move me closer to those goals. Through written exercises, Skype sessions and homework (!), Alex was the iron fist in the velvet glove who got me back on track financially, creatively, and emotionally.


Travel writer