Alex has spent a lifetime dedicated to the serious work of play, and how adopting play creates magic. She has studied Improv at BATS in San Francisco and Second City in Chicago (where she also studied and performed standup comedy) since 2001, when she began coaching and consulting. Her clients have ranged from companies (corporations, startups, publishing companies) to individuals (writers, physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs). She has led in situ travel writing workshops for Lonely Planet in Shanghai and Marrakech and for World Nomads in Berlin, and has spoken on or taught travel writing in London, Melbourne, San Francisco, and in Florence and Perugia, Italy.

Alex’s superpower is helping people and companies make shit happen. She does this by changing the way they think, using techniques from Improv, Quantified Self, neuroscience, a lifetime of learning from other cultures, and her own experience coaching for the past 15 years.

See Alex’s standup comedy by clicking here. Or hire Alex to teach writing or for business or editorial consulting or individual coaching.