Writing and Creative Professionals Coaching

My superpower is to help you quiet your inner critic and find your voice through the written word or your creative pursuit.

I’ve created a proprietary methodology that combines techniques from Improv; social, positive and cognitive psychology; and Quantified Self to create personalized, structured steps for each individual client. In fact, I’m writing a workbook and book using my methodology.

[Writing is easy.] You just sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.

-Red Smith

My Methodology Since around 2002, I’ve been teaching and coaching writing to hundreds of diverse students and clients. I don’t teach writing as much as I teach getting rid of the barriers that hold you back from writing. I have about 100 different exercises I tailor to each student or client’s needs. You might be drawing your book’s characters, writing out ranked lists of what makes you feel the most creative, or taking a week off from having expectations.

What a Typical Session Looks Like I begin with the same two questions for each client — what are 1-3 corporeal obstacles (no desk or space to write, toddlers at home, long days at work) and 1-3 non-corporeal roadblocks (English teacher told me I was a terrible writer, not sure where or how to start, self-doubt is my middle name). From the resulting discussion, each client goes in whatever direction fits.

Rates and the ‘Semester’ System I work on the semester plan for either three or four months at a time, so you’ll have an easily recognizable timeframe to focus on writing or your project. If you’d like to continue, we can take a break and re-up for another semester. You can start in the middle of the month, but we’ll set up all appointments before the 1st of the next month.

One appointment per month $200/month

Two appointments per month $300/month

Three appointments per month $400/month

Four appointments per month $500/month