Untravel: playful creativity wherever you are. 

Untravel is all about using your five travel words — say: connection, discovery, challenge, awe and serenity — anywhere in the world. Including inside your own town, your own home or your own head.   

Alex writes about the very serious business of play: creativity or health, travel and untravel. She also now teach others how to use creativity to get rid of the barriers to creativity. 

If it requires the expert or strategic use of words, she’s done it professionally: editorial director and start-up co-founderauthor and Lonely Planet writer of 35+ bookswriting instructordevelopmental editor, Creativity at Work columnist for Seattle Times Explore, and one-time standup comic and humor writer. UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, 2002. 


 Three dozen+ books for Lonely Planet, columnist: creativity at work, et al


In situ creativity workshops for businesses and organizations, one-to-one coaching


Editorial management; strategic positioning; writing for nonprofits, startups and companies