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 Writing, Creative and Critical Thinking, Humor

Alex is a journalisteditorial director and start-up co-founderLonely Planet author of 25+ bookswriting instructorcolumnist: Creativity at Workand one-time standup comic and humor writer. She writes, manages and teaches about going three layers deeper: slow travel, community health, creative expression, and the human experience (where trauma and creativity meet resilience). And funny stuff, too. To take one of her workshops or classes, go to The Third Layer website.



 Two dozen+ books for Lonely Planet (and one humor book with the co-founder of The Onion).


‘Creativity at Work’ columnist for the Seattle Times, freelance writer or series editor for The Guardian, USA Today, BBC Travel, Independent Weekly, etc.

Editorial Strategy

Editorial management; strategic positioning; writing for nonprofits, startups and companies.