Explore Every Day Available Nov 19

When we travel, we see the world with new eyes, eat new foods, and meet people from different cultures. We learn, we explore, we challenge ourselves — and return all the better for having refreshed and renewed our outlook. 

Explore Every Day encourages you to apply the same sense of adventure at home to discover your creativity, your inner adventurer and your community. 

Alex Leviton

Long-time (35 books and counting) Lonely Planet author and writer. Former editorial director and start-up co-founder. Master of Journalism from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. I also help writers, students and organizations find and develop their voice.

If it requires the expert use of words, I’ve done it professionally:  author and Lonely Planet writer, editorial consultant and communications strategist, writing instructor, coachdevelopmental editor, and one-time standup comic. I will help you find your voice. In fact, I’m currently writing a book about such things.

Creativity Coaching

My superpower is helping you get rid of the barriers holding you back from finding, developing or strengthening your voice.

Alex Leviton writes about travel, creativity and untravel (the intersection of creativity and travel). She also teaches, coaches and manages creativity for organizations and students around the world.

After getting a master’s in journalism from UC Berkeley, Alex has contributed to over three dozen travel guides for Lonely Planet (including Happy, Calm and Explore Every Day), managed start-ups in Silicon Valley and London, taught writing and creativity workshops around the world, performed stand-up (pretty decently) and Improv (very poorly), and worked as a series editor and career coach for The Guardian US. She currently teaches organizations, companies and individuals how to access their creativity by finding their voice.

Her methodology borrows from psychology (social, cognitive and positive); both humor and trauma studies; mathematics and Quantified Self; and hundreds of previous students and clients. She’s currently writing a book and workbook to share the methodology. 


Three dozen (and counting) books for Lonely Planet, one about Trump, and various articles


Workshops, classes, and one-on-one coaching to help you or your organization find your voice 


Editorial management, creative strategies, and writing for nonprofits, startups and companies