Third-Layer Creativity (TLC)

Remove the barriers — time constraints, inner critics, uncertainty — that hold you back from creativity. 

Creativity Coaching: Individuals and Small Groups 

Individual coaching: By ‘semester’ only. Single appointments only available for previous clients (come back any time for a refresh!).

Series Personalized exercises per month Appointments Total cost for the semester
Series A 2-6 3 $900
Series B 4-8 6 $1650
Series C 6-12 10* (9 + 1 bonus) $2250

* Series C gets one free follow-up appointment one month after the ‘semester’ ends.

Small Group Coaching

Small groups are beneficial for three reasons: 1) they are more financially accessible, 2) participants get one 1-1 session, and 3) each person gets additional support from fellow creativity students. Many groups continue to support each other and even meet online, months later. Participants can sign up for their individual 1-1 appointment with Alex (50 minutes, included in the price of the group session) anytime, up until the final follow-up session.

Level Total Cost Next class dates* (3-5 participants) Spaces available
Beginning $330 Wed 10am PST: Jan 13, 20 & Feb 10, Feb 17, 2021 + 1-1 coaching 3
Intermediate $330 Sat 10am PST: Nov 7, 14, 21 and Dec 12, 2020 + 1-1 coaching Full

* Group sessions usually are at 10am or 4pm Pacific time Tues or Wed or 10am Sat. If you know 3-6 people (friends, work groups, leadership teams, book clubs, etc) who would like to unlock and grow their creativity together, we can create a personalized session for your group. Same prices apply.

To register or ask any questions, email Payment is via Paypal, Venmo or check. Four spaces are reserved each year (in either the classes or 1-1 coaching) for needs-based discounts; please inquire.

You can also sign up for Alex’s class at Write Like a Honey Badger.

After our session last week, I walked around … in amazement that what we were doing was not only getting to the third layer of creativity, but a deeper level of healing. Creativity is vulnerable, freeing, scary, playful. [I get now] why there are steps in the ladder, because I need to go through each phase.

Kathryn W

Design Thinking Expert

I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in each session of Third-Layer Creativity. Prior to the course, I felt like I was working my way through a dense forest with my creativity. The skills learned in the course helped me create a path. There’s still a journey ahead, but at least I have a road to travel now!



As a to-do list lover, I enjoyed developing my lists and creating action plans. The real value came with opening up that third layer. I saw that the lists won’t really help until I’m clear on what’s at the core of what’s really important to me.


Artist, Podcaster