One-to-one Untravel

You want to be more creative, but there’s all that noise — inner critic, exterior demands, tangible barriers — that compete for your focus, time and energy. Creative coaching can help you put that aside for just long enough to tap into that magic place where your creativity trumps the noise. 


  • Over 100 thought-provoking, weird, or plain silly exercises that start with brainstorming and true statements, goes into lists and ladders (she’ll explain later), veers off towards ratings and rooms (really, it’ll all make sense), comes back with checklists and walls.
  • The methodology comes from research into psychology, neuroscience, Quantified Self, humor and trauma studies (because creativity is both, right?), as well as from Alex’s background as a journalist, international guidebook author, startup director, and improv performer/standup comedienne.
  • You’ll create a Creativity Notebook for these exercises, which you are very much encouraged to keep (and build upon) forever and ever. This is where the magic happens.


  • You’ll have an entire Creativity Workshop to yourself for one ‘semester’.
  • You get 1-3 sessions a month for three months, with the option to extend a month.
  • Previous clients can come back for shorter refreshers any time. 


My superpower is helping you get rid of the barriers holding you back from finding, developing or strengthening your voice and finding your superpower.

- Alex Leviton

Ask questions and expect answers filled with encouragement, insight, and loads of first-hand knowledge. … Listening to and learning from her experiences as a Lonely Planet author and writer gave me the motivation to kickstart my own career.

Lisa Michele Burns

Professional Photographer,

Alex is an outrageous and brilliant coach and consultant, and she made my work a lot of fun, too. She’s quick and to the point and intuitively asks the right questions. I give her the highest recommendation, and I am really picky!

Laurie Stern

Owner, Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

Through her mix of wacky exercises, mind-expanding lists, and good old-fashioned support/accountability, she got me to actually complete a project. Her work is for those willing to go deep and deal with the uncomfortable, in order to clear the way for productive writing and/or creative work.

Sarah I.