Tap into your creative magic

Get rid of the barriers that hold you back from finding your voice.

Methodology Put your inner critic to sleep in just the right way, and you can find that magical part of your brain where creativity, bravery, ideas and confidence intersect. I’ve spent 20 years teaching, managing and coaching hundreds of writers, students and professionals find their voice, and have created over 100 exercises, lists, checklists and charts to help you find and — more importantly — maintain more creative flow. This work is not just for writers; it’s for anyone who’d like to re-find their creativity. 

A Lifelong Creativity Notebook Each session is 45 minutes, plus a wrap-up (50-55 min), but the real work happens in between sessions. After our sessions, I’ll tap into my exercises (or make one just for you) to create a tailor-made set of exercises for you. Each week, we’ll slowly but steadily build a foundation of creativity, confidence and bravery. Your notebook is the ladder from that foundation.

Time Commitment I work with clients either 3 or 4 months at a time and 1-3 sessions per month. Your brain knows how to focus for a semester. Previous clients can come back for shorter refreshers any time. 

Rates Sliding scale available. I’ve been there, man. 

Why Hire Alex for Coaching As a writer, teacher and editorial consultant, I coach individual clients because I find it’s the single best way of fostering creativity. I’ve written over three dozen books with Lonely Planet and one with the co-founder of The Onion; I’ve managed hundreds of writers at Gogobot or Lonely Planet; and I’ve taught writing, creativity and travel writing around the world. 


[Writing is easy.] You just sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.

-Red Smith

Free 20-min sample session

Want to open up the door to that magical part of your creative self and find your voice? One wacky/thought-provoking exercise included.