Find Your Voice classes in Alaska

Coaching for Writers, Professionals, Creative Types, or Anyone with a Goal

My superpower is to help you get rid of the barriers that hold you back from finding, developing or strengthening your voice.

[Writing is easy.] You just sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.

-Red Smith

My Methodology Since around 2002, I’ve been teaching and coaching writing to hundreds of diverse students and clients. I have about 100 different exercises I tailor to each student or client’s needs.

Notes, Exercises and Feedback Each session is 45 minutes with a 5-minute wrap-up (50 min). In between sessions, I’ll develop a system of exercises tailored to you. I’ll send you these within 72 hours of our session. Clients are encouraged to check in by email one time in between sessions.

Rates* and the ‘Semester’ System I work with clients by semester, either 3 or 4 months at a time.

One appointment per month $200/month

Two appointments per month $350/month

Three appointments per month $525/month

Marathon month $1200/month and up (includes one appt per week and daily check-ins for one month)