Find Your Voice

Since 2000, I have coached writers (read: we are all writers) in finding their voice. From 2006 to 2014, I taught in-situ travel writing classes for Lonely Planet in Marrakech and Shanghai and for World Nomads in Berlin, and I’ve led creativity workshops in Alaska and the UK. I’ve taught personal essay writing classes for Duke University and the 826 organization. Since 2004, I’ve led creative professional support groups around the country. I’ve managed hundreds of writers and interns as an Editorial Director for and Author Liaison Manager for Lonely Planet, helping each one find their voice.

Find Your Organization’s Voice

Here’s when to contact me:You want to hire an expert (culture, travel, health, journalism, media, technology, social psychology) to help you shape your editorial output or your internal communications and relationships. You want to communicate — internally or externally — in a fun and lighthearted way. You know people tune out when they hear corporate-speak, but you know lighthearted doesn’t have to mean flimsy. 

Clients have included: