I'm interested! What do I need to know?

My approach

While I write and consult full-time, I do take on a limited number of writing and creative professional coaching clients each year. I’m creating a book and workbook using a methodology I’ve developed over 15+ years of teaching, managing and coaching creatives and professionals, and I use this methodology with one-to-one clients.


Setting up a time and place

I start clients at the beginning of the following month (i.e., if we talk in Jan, you would start in Feb). Calls are 50 minutes. I do a 20-min sample session over the phone. 

We can either meet in person or over video conferencing: Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. I do phone appts, but I ask that you don’t multi-task.

Semester plan

Counterintuitively, creativity often happens best inside structure. I work with clients for three-month ‘semesters’ (you can extend for one month). Past clients are welcome to come back for one-month (or more) refreshers.

Payment and commitments

Due the 1st of each month. I accept cash, checks or Paypal. I ask that you commit to three months, but you’re welcome to drop out at the end of any month. If you need to reschedule, please give me 24-48 hours’ notice. I charge the full fee if you cancel within 24 hours. 


Everything you say in coaching is confidential. While personal issues arise, I am not a therapist, and may refer you to therapy as a replacement or adjunct to writing coaching.