I don’t teach you how to write.

Really, I don’t. You can learn grammar elsewhere. Instead, I teach how to get rid of the barriers that hold us back from writing — the inner critics, the uncertainties, the lack of passion or confidence.

I’ve taught in situ travel writing all over the US, Italy, Morocco, China, Germany, Australia and the UK (for Lonely Planet, World Nomads and others); personal essay writing at Duke University, 826 Valencia, and the Bureau of Fearless Ideas; and Find Your Voice in the US and the UK. I’m currently teaching children living in a psychiatric hospital to find their voice through writing poetry.

Find Your Voice classes in Alaska

I’m available to teach writing to your group, class, organization, or business anywhere in the world. My two-hour or all-day workshops weave in elements of improvisation, Quantified Self and social psychology. My exercises are designed to confuse and quiet the Cerberus monster that blocks the door to our creativity.