I’ve been teaching writing around the world since 2005. I’ve taught personal essay writing at Duke University, 826 Valencia, and the Bureau of Fearless Ideas; in situ travel writing in the US, Italy, Morocco, China, Germany, Australia and the UK for Lonely Planet and World Nomads; and Find Your Voice in the US and the UK. I’ve worked with hundreds of writers (read: we are all writers) in groups and individually. I’ve also worked with interns, journalists, and Lonely Planet authors as an Editorial Director or Author Liaison Manager.

Find Your Voice classes in Alaska

I’m available to teach writing to your group, class, organization, or business anywhere in the world. I don’t teach writing as much as I teach getting rid of the barriers to writing. My book¬†Suitcase to Mars: Find Your Voice Using Creativity, Critical Thinking and Play¬†will detail my (seemingly) ridiculous but (somehow) effective methodology that allows writers and writers-to-be to gain one step of confidence at a time on their way towards finding their voice.