Access Your Creativity, Find Your Voice

Untravel is all about gently and playfully putting your Inner Critic to sleep just long enough to revive your creativity, whether that’s away, at home, or in your own head. Once your creativity is on board, it’ll have the power to squash your Inner Critic down the notch it deserves.

Want to learn how to get out of the way of your own creativity? Write Like a Baby Panda class runs for four weeks starting Tuesday April 21, 2020. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020: Write Like a Baby Panda class starts!

Untravel is taught by a travel writer, but it is neither travel nor writing. 

Untravel is about how to get rid of the barriers that hold us back from writing — the inner critics, the uncertainties, the lack of passion or confidence. Alex’s specialty is using her experience as a writer and researcher and a comedienne and improvisor to open up your creativity exactly 14.8% more to become 2.2% more creative in general. 

A typical group session starts out with brainstorming, making lists and rating things you’d never normally consider rating. One-to-one sessions are the exact same, but 100% focused on you. Everyone walks away with a Creativity Notebook to keep and build forever and ever. 

In addition to co-authoring 35+ Lonely Planet books and one with the co-founding editor of The Onion, Alex has written for The Guardian, USA Today, the Seattle Times, etc. She has been teaching Access Your Creativity, Find Your Voice to hundreds of students, travel writing competition winners, businesspeople, scientists, techies and creatives for the past 15 years. 

Who This Is For Anyone who would like to become about 2.2% more creative

Who This Is Not For Anyone who would like to become less creative

Why Alex Alex has taught in situ travel writing all over the US, Italy, Morocco, China, Germany, Australia and the UK (for Lonely Planet, World Nomads and others); personal essay writing at Duke University, 826 Valencia, and the Bureau of Fearless Ideas; and Find Your Voice in the US and the UK. During the school year, Alex teaches finding your voice through writing poetry in a juvenile psychiatric hospital. 

What Should I Expect? Alex is available to teach writing to your group, class, organization, individual human person, or business anywhere in the world. She teaches one- or two-hour workshops that weave in elements of improvisation, Quantified Self and social psychology. Her exercises are designed to confuse and quiet the Cerberus monster that blocks the door to our creativity.

How Do I Sign Up? Take Alex’s Write Like a Baby Panda class online with Write Like a Honey Badger, or hire Alex to lead an in-person workshop.   

Past Classes & Clients

See Testimonials page for the good stuff.  

  • Over 100 individual clients (and counting) in the US, UK, Germany, Mexico, etc
  • The Riveter (Find Your Voice workshops; 2019-2020)
  • The Sisters Global (Find Your Voice workshops; 2017-present)
  • Uncruise (Find Your Voice and improv workshop; 2018; featured photos)
  • 826 Valencia and Bureau of Fearless Ideas (personal essay and Find Your Voice classes; 2006 to 2019)
  • Lonely Planet (Win a Week with a Lonely Planet Author competitions in Shanghai 2006 and Marrakech 2007)
  • World Nomads (Find Your Voice travel writing coaching in Berlin, Germany; 2014)