Second-Layer Creativity

You know that secret part of your brain? You know the place: the one where you find your rhythm, your inner critic gets out of the way, or the magic just flows? Maybe it’s kinda uncomfortable or even scary, but once you get there, you feel bolder, more courageous, more like your true self?

As long as you’re willing to be playful, go a layer deeper, and get a little silly, Alex’s superpower is teaching you how to put your creativity’s guard dog to sleep so you can access your unique creativity whenever you want. 

What Should I Expect? Fun lists, silly exercises, and conversations one layer past your comfort zone.

Who This Is For Anyone who would like to delve exactly 2.2% deeper into their own creativity.

Who This Is Not For Those who want to block their own or others’ creativity (‘nopers’).

How Hire Alex to work with your organization, company or classroom, online or in person. Or work with her one-to-one.

When A) One-hour sessions or b) a series of one-hour classes over two to four weeks (online or in person). Alex will make herself available for one hour after in-person sessions for individual follow-up. She is available for follow-up individual coaching sessions for online workshops.

Or join Alex’s four-week class through the online school Write Like a Honey Badger. Next class starting Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

 Why Alex Alex is a Lonely Planet author, one-time standup comedienne, and former Editorial Director and start-up co-founder who has led hundreds of writers, non-writers, and creative non-writers how to access their creativity and find their voice. She’s taught all over the US, Italy, Morocco, China, Germany, Australia and the UK. 

During the school year, Alex teaches finding your voice at a juvenile psychiatric hospital. She understands the connection between creativity, trauma and resilience, and specializes in holding your hand as you walk one layer deeper at a time into your own unique creativity.