Workshops and Classes

For the past 15 years, I’ve been teaching both adults and students to find their creative voice. I’ve managed hundreds of writers and interns, and I’ve led travel writing competition winners in Shanghai, Marrakech and Berlin, and have taught hundreds of students, professionals and leaders how to wake up their creativity just long enough to find their voice. I currently teach finding your voice through writing in a juvenile psychiatric hospital. I’m creating a book and workbook.

I don’t teach you how to write.

You can learn grammar elsewhere. Instead, I teach how to get rid of the barriers that hold us back from writing — the inner critics, the uncertainties, the lack of passion or confidence. My specialty is opening up your creativity exactly 14.8% more.

I’ve taught in situ travel writing all over the US, Italy, Morocco, China, Germany, Australia and the UK (for Lonely Planet, World Nomads and others); personal essay writing at Duke University, 826 Valencia, and the Bureau of Fearless Ideas; and Find Your Voice in the US and the UK. During the school year, I teach finding your voice through writing poetry in a children’s psychiatric hospital.

I’m available to teach writing to your group, class, organization, or business anywhere in the world. My two-hour or all-day workshops weave in elements of improvisation, Quantified Self and social psychology. My exercises are designed to confuse and quiet the Cerberus monster that blocks the door to our creativity.


Past Classes & Clients


  • Roz Savage (Find Your Voice workshop; 2017)
  • 826 Valencia¬†writing salons (Find Your Voice classes for teens; 2006-present)
  • Lonely Planet¬†(Find Your Voice travel writing coaching in Shanghai 2006 and Marrakech 2007, marketing, author management, author workshops, sustainable travel consulting; 2006-2009)
  • Bureau of Fearless Ideas (personal essay classes; 2016 to present)
  • World Nomads (Find Your Voice travel writing coaching in Berlin, Germany; 2014)